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Therapeutic  Services

What You Can Expect


Individual Therapy 

It is an honor and a privilege to journey alongside you as we work towards understanding the barriers that are preventing you from meeting your goals. We use integrative approaches of empirically based clinical techniques that are client centered. We meet our clients where they are. Together, we will work to dig deeper and look at the root of the problem. As we journey towards your goals, we will offer support, encouragement, and tools to help facilitate lasting change.

Holding Hands

Play Therapy

The worldview of a child is often naturally expressed through the medium of play. In play therapy, we meet the child where they are, explore their world with them.  Together, we will process through their feelings and work to understand their problems. Play therapy is a powerful modality that facilitates change and healing.

Enjoying the Nature

Relationship Counseling

We believe that nothing should stop you from prioritizing the health of your relationships. Relationship counseling can serve as a means by which to learn new ways to communicate, engage in healthy conflict, realize shared dreams, identify barriers to navigating perpetual arguments and build on the foundations that make up your shared history and attachment. Our goal is to provide a safe and judgement free zone to support our clients in exploring, and improving, the dynamics of their most intimate relationships. We have years of experience guiding and nurturing relationships from the traditionally monogamous through the full spectrum of polyamory and ethical non-monogamy. We would be honored to play a role in helping you and your loved ones grow and find lasting positive change and happiness. 

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